What if exponentially growing your sales was easier than you thought? There is no question a successful call center provides massive value to any organization. However, a poorly run call center can be a huge financial burden to a company and can even be the catalyst to its demise. As the amount of personal touches in the sales process increases, so does the impact a call center rooted in integrity based human influence can have on your business. If you are in a place in your business where you are considering building your very own call center, here are five things that you should keep in mind when creating your strategy.

1. Hiring

Hiring the right people is one the most important factors for growth and scale of any business. Hiring based on good character and then training the skills necessary, is a better idea than only focusing on people who have experience in your space. The candidate’s ability to influence others to take action should be the primary skill you look for. Finding people with core values aligned with an integrity-based culture should be a prerequisite for any hire. Asking open ended questions around the past, present and future of your candidate while building deep emotional rapport will allow you to get to know the person underneath the interview mask. After connecting to their pain and IF AND ONLY IF you believe they are better off working for your company than somewhere else and you believe your company would be better off with them onboard, tell the heroic unique identity of you and your company and move into agreement formation. Offer the position and wait for the YESSSS!!

2. Technology

Discovering the right technology is critical to both process mastery and creating the infrastructure that is necessary for a successful call center. This is a decision where consulting with experts would be a good idea. If not, extremely thorough evaluation with pilots and tests is a must. The wrong choice of technology, CRM’s, and lead management platforms, could be detrimental and at very least extremely costly. Things you need to think about are: What are the desired outcomes, ROI on software investment, ease of use for end users, and flexibility to make changes and enhancements from an administrative perspective. It is important to map out workflows and desired outcomes before evaluating any software to make sure that whatever solutions you are evaluating can meet your needs. Technology is meant to enhance and simplify your process and workflows so be sure to source and evaluate different platforms with this at the forefront of your mind.

3. Scripting

Great scripting is a must when building a large call center. Scripts provide accelerated growth and early success, confidence for call center agents, and allows for compliance changes to be made swiftly. Most importantly it allows for the duplication and multiplication of the best sales people. The best sales people on the planet all agree scripts are a main key component to their success, and as long as you don’t sound “scripted” they keep you from staying in a winning formula.

4. KPI’s – Key performance indicators

You have to be able to know your numbers in order to scale and grow. It makes it very difficult to manage what you cannot measure. Sales people are also very motivated by where they rank amongst their peers. It is not only crucial for leadership to see the metrics daily if not hourly, it is as important for agents to see if they are falling below the threshold. Superstar outliers also show the rest of the team what is possible, similar to the first person to ever run a 4-minute mile, opened the floodgates to it becoming commonplace. Measuring goosebumps delivered and received should be KPI in every call center. When the word selling associates with goosebumps, hello to yes becomes the norm.

5. Culture

You can have every other ingredient you need and with a suboptimal culture long-term success is almost impossible. Integrity and fairness must be present in leadership. Teamwork, diversity, fun, acknowledgment, and unconditional love for all employees with boundaries, need to be pillars of the culture. Another critical component is the exposure of self-mastery and the presence of personal and professional development. Book recommendations, leadership development training, and ongoing training will provide an exponential return on investment. Language is also crucial in a highly effective culture. Offensive language and any type of malicious ridicule should never be tolerated.

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Written by

Adam Gugino

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer of UNBLINDED LLC