What is a Superpower? How do you know you have one? Have you ever thought that maybe—just maybe—we all have a superpower hiding inside each and every one of us?

What does it take for an ability to be considered a superpower? 

Think of the superheroes you know and love. What abilities do they possess?

The ability to fly, read minds, be super strong, invisibility and so many others come to mind.

So, in order to be a superhero, you need a power that is more exceptional than any power a normal human being could possess, and, you need to use that power to accomplish good deeds. In other words, you must have to use your power only for the good of the people always, which means you are acting in complete integrity.

Now what if you don’t have the ability to fly like Superman, become invisible, or lift cars with one hand like the incredible HULK.

Let us consider the power of Influence.

Right now I would argue we are all capable of becoming superheroes with superpowers.

If you have the ability to Influence others to protect and potentially save lives, then could that ability of Influence be considered a superpower?

I dare say it is, and, we can all work on improving that superpower from a 7 to an 8 to a 9.999 and beyond.

During these trying times the ability to influence others is more critical than ever. Your ability to take someone from “hello to yes” can not be measured by whether you have it or you don’t. It has to be looked at through the prism of the scale of mastery.

When you begin to look at the micro-distinctions of your Influencing ability, you will see that just being even the smallest degree more optimal, as you rise on the scale of mastery, you could have exponential results.

Just think about two Governors right now speaking to their states about staying home for the Coronavirus.

Now imagine a Governor who has an incredible ability to use Integrity-Based Human Influence while the other has the inability to create emotional rapport with their community and just can’t influence people to stay home or maintain social distancing.

What will happen in the two states? How many more lives will be saved by the Governor with exponentially more effective influencing skills?

Now look above at the definition of a superhero. What do you see that you weren’t seeing before? This is just one example. What are you selling? What is the impact does someone saying yes to you have on that person’s life. Can your ability to take someone from hello to yes, maybe…just maybe…be considered heroic???

We are better together.

Use this time to immerse in skill building and interpersonal communication. You never know how many lives you can benefit and even save.

I would be remiss not to thank all the doctors, nurses, grocery store attendants and all the other essential workers living as real life superheroes for all of our health and safety. We love and appreciate you all.

With Integrity,

Adam Gugino
Chief Revenue Officer + Co-Founder of UNBLINDED