What if?

What if our results, including our sales and exponential business acceleration are far more predictable and easier to create than we ever have dared to imagine?

What if we lied to ourselves and believed that our traditional form of education has given us all the knowledge, tools and wisdom to create the life that we truly desire?

What if there is a science that produces the magical result we desire?

The question as it began to be asked: What is UNBLINDED?

Where did UNBLINDED come from?

Twenty-two years ago, in early 1997, my life changed. It was in that moment that I realized that three things I believed were completely false.

Just the day before, and for an extended period of time prior to that day, I believed:

  1. Columbia University, an Ivy League institution as well as Seton Hall Law School, an outstanding legal institution, had prepared me to succeed as an attorney and in my life.
  2. I believed the partners at my dream job and law firm had the answers to whatever I hadn’t learned at law school and they would happily mentor me as my coaches had.
  3. I truly believed all I needed to do was work hard and follow the lead of my bosses, as I did my athletic coaches, and everything would work out just magnificently.

As I sat in my office amongst several other associates who were feeling confused, disillusioned and disenfranchised, I knew the three things I believed were completely wrong.

I now KNEW that:

  1. My Ivy League school and law school graduation with honors had not prepared me to create the life I wanted.
  2. The partners, while good souls, did not have my dreams and future interest and development as any priority on their list, and were not going to lead me anywhere near where I wanted to go.
  3. No one was coming to rescue me and if I wanted to achieve the life I wanted for my future, my family and legacy for my dreams, I would have to go find the answers for myself.

It was on that day that I truly became “Unblinded”, and I still realize and believe that we are all blind in various ways and just learning to see.

What does all that actually mean?

It means this: There is a way to produce exponentially greater results in the area of our choosing as human beings overall as well as business people in a capital structure, greater than we have ever dared to imagine.

We exist in a world of generalities. We often hear “work hard,” “persevere,” be good with people” and other generalities like this. These are absolutely true and wonderful general concepts, but we graduated long ago from rubbing two sticks together to create a fire and it seems in our educational systems, and in the wisdom we have dispensed to us from those who love us and from our family and friends, we are living in the dark age, if not the stone age, in how we create the accelerations in getting what we truly desire.

The urgency of all of this became completely apparent to me in 1997, when I first realized that selling was a part of the legal world and in fact, the central and most valued part of the entire business world. Silly me, I did not understand any of this.

From my earliest days as a fan of people like Batman, James Bond, Luke Skywalker and the Jedis of Star Wars, the 1980 Miracle on Ice team, the 1986 Mets team and their incredible comeback, Muhammad Ali and many other fictional and nonfictional heroes and/or role models, all of it taught me that there is an exponential and dramatic differential in the quality of the results people of similar talent and ability produce. The results weren’t a little different, rather, they were incredibly different.

The reality of this differential intrigued me from the earliest of ages. For example, I learned and realized that weight training in sports created dramatically different results, along with sports imagery and visualization, and controlling our nervous system. The exponential different result was going from being a JV high school baseball player as a sophomore, to being heavily recruited to play Division 1 and captain of the Ivy League Columbia baseball team.  I was not more talented. Unquestionably, there were many, many people who were every bit as talented as I was who could create the same outcome.

Similarly, I saw in law school after my degenerative eye disease cost me the ability to play professional baseball that there was a pattern as to why students didn’t get the grades they desire or top jobs, but others did. I modeled these processes. It was these athletic and academic moments that laid the foundation for me to ultimately become Unblinded that day in 1997, as I sat in what I just realized was not my dream job or my future and realized there had to be a way to create the results we all truly desire, because that’s exactly what I did in athletics and law school.

When I quit my job, much to the shock and dismay of those closest to me, and soon thereafter started my own law firm on a credit card, presently $100,000 in debt, with no money in the bank, no contacts or connections, I did this as an experiment to see whether or not the principles of personal development actually worked.

Thanks to one of my mentors, Dr. Charles Berg, and the advice of my mom who insisted I talk to him, I read Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins, which led to reading other books by Jay Abraham and How to Make a Fortune From Public Speaking, as well as so many other works that were examples of modeling in reframing how I thought about sales and business acceleration overall.

I began to apply these principles, attend seminars, read more books and pay coaches substantial amounts of money.

All of this led to 2 things:

  1. Acceleration beyond anything I could have imagined.
  2. The question of if it’s this assured, why doesn’t everyone have more money, in less time, with more magic in their life?

I decided that it was because there wasn’t a clear enough formula and there was way too much disconnected information on the things that brought about the results people wanted.

In short, I wanted to create one usable formula that was the overarching integration of all personal development, just like geometry and other math is usable to create things. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun though, because fun, excitement and energy, along with logic and science, in addition to other skill developments, are all part of the Formula.

I reached the conclusion in my Formula, the Callagy Results Formula and now the UNBLINDED Formula.  Get involved by joining the UNBLINDED Movement on Facebook. Look for part 2 of this blog to discuss how the Callagy and UNBLINDED Results Formula works.

Bottom line: What is UNBLINDED?

It is seeing what we don’t see and realizing that we are all just blind and learning to see.

Written by
Sean Callagy
Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer