Meet Dr. Deborah Gaylord

From her start as a latchkey kid raised in a broken home, Deborah Driggs Gaylord has had to clear many hurdles in life to make it to where she stands today: as a multi-year member of the insurance industry’s Million Dollar Roundtable. If anything, Deborah is proof that regardless of the cards one is dealt, it is possible to achieve whatever you set your mind to if you are able to work hard and maintain a positive, persistent attitude.

In choosing not to take “no’s” personally, Deborah has been able to build and sustain relationships with her high-level prospects and turn straw into gold, building the level of business that has qualified her for the Top of the Table and Million Dollar Roundtable.

Deborah’s clients have included movie studio moguls, celebrities, Fortune 500 leaders, high net worth individuals, and women who need financial guidance, all of whom she treats equally and with respect. In less than ten years in the insurance industry, Deborah has achieved a high level of closings due to her no-nonsense way of doing business which harkens back to overcoming hardships early in life.