Why Integrity?

In the business world, we’ve come to expect untrusting behavior from sales prospects. UNBLINDED will open your mind and eyes to “integrity-based human influence,” which will show you how to interact and connect with people on an entirely different level to open the gates of trust and move people to action.

Our Core Values At UNBLINDED

Be In Integrity 100%

It is not about how hard you fall; rather, it is about how quickly you get back up!
Being in INTEGRITY 100% of the time is almost impossible, but this is why proximity with people inside of the formula is absolutely essential. When you fall out of integrity, those around you will hold you accountable for stepping back inside. Being in integrity looks like doing the right thing, not the easiest thing. Being in integrity means speaking your truth, even if your truth is not favored. Being in integrity means showing up at 100% even if showing up at 100% is not well recieved. Being in integrity is doing what you say you will do and at UNBLINDED, we stand to encourage the entire world to live in INTEGRITY together!

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Unblinded Sales Mastery Crowd

Better With Us, Than Without Us

There Are No Rules When You Realize That Someone Is Better With You Than Without You

There comes a point in every sales process where you realize one of two things…

1 – This person is better with me than without me.

2 – This person is better without me than with me.

To remain in integrity is to do what is right in either situation.

1 – Get them to say YES no matter what!

2 – Refer them to someone that is right for them.

This is a core value at UNBLINDED. Whenever we have the blessing to speak with anyone who is interested in one of our many solutions, we will assess to see which bucket they fall in and then we will always do the right thing.

Speak Your Truth Immediately

Pent up frustration, excitement, anger, or passion will serve no one which is why we empower and encourage the TRUTH at all times.

Never go to bed angry or happy with someone without letting them know. This is the #1 rule to make a relationship succeed, and the same holds true within the UNBLINED Movement. We have created an environment where the TRUTH must be expressed and it must prevail. We believe that by having this as a Core Value for your company, it will create a new norm and a new level of confidence for people which is absolutely essential when it comes to taking someone from “HELLO” to “YES” with less friction, less frustration, and in less time. We guarantee that once you adopt this value as your own, you will find yourself inside of a sales meeting feeling comfortable expressing how you feel, and the outcome from your meetings will be exponentially more productive.

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Plan “A” Is The Only Plan

There is no reason for a Plan B as it will only distract from Plan A. Go all in and never look back!

At UNBLINDED, we constantly prove the PLAN A mentality from selling over 1,500 tickets to our first immersion in less than three weeks, to exploding our pioneer group for our Mastery Program, to launching a CRM in record time, and getting the perfect 40,000 square foot office for our new HQ and outsourced sales co-creation center. If we ever had a PLAN B, we guarantee that we would have never been able to accomplish these goals. In fact, PLAN B would distract us from what we are setting our vision to achieve.

Here's What People Are Saying:

Jay Abraham
#1 Highest Paid Marketing Consultant in the U.S., $21.7 Billion Dollar Man, known as the “Godfather of Marketing”

You’ve made my evening. You’ve got me deep in reflection which I will do for a few hours and I am fully genuinely impressed and you have my full endorsement because I love what you’re doing and it has enormous importance to entrepreneurs that are basically trying to be preeminence.

Rob Gill
Founder & President of EPIC Insurance Services

Applying the Callagy Results Formula, I 22x’d my sales meetings after already being a highly trained and successful salesperson who thought he knew everything about sales. There is nothing like this out there.

Jack Canfield
#1 Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

I’m tired of getting to that part where I am on stage…all of a sudden I’m feeling like I’m shifting into another mode which I don’t like…I’ve taken a lot of sales classes. Most of which never felt quite right…I wanted it to be able to produce the kind of results that are possible that I hear about with this program and do it in a way that is comfortable and in alignment with my essence, my integrity, and my authentic being.

Our Mission

Make Sales Fun, Exciting, And Magical For 1 Billion People By 2030 So That Together We Go From “HELLO” To “YES” With Less Friction, Less Frustration, And In Less Time Which Will Lead To A World That Understands The Importance Of Integrity.

Our Mission

Make Sales Fun, Exciting, And Magical For 1 Billion People By 2030 So That Together We Go From “HELLO” To “YES” With Less Friction, Less Frustration, And In Less Time Which Will Lead To A World That Understands The Importance Of Integrity.

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