An Ecosystem Merger is when two groups agree to fully merge their resources and relationship capital for the benefit of the many. The more frictionless the ecosystem merger is, the more exponential the outcome.

We Would Love To Merge Ecosystems With You While Helping You Merge Ecosystems With Others As Well!

What if we were to tell you that Networking is broken?

Networking is transactional…
Networking is superficial…
Networking is a waste of time…

But what is not any of the above is Merging Ecosystems.

The combining of two or more people/businesses of relevance where these ecosystems come together to create mutual edification, frictionless access and benefit thereby decreasing the cost of generating sales meetings in terms of money, time and energy that exponentially grows both ecosystems.

Trust us, you want to merge ecosystems at the highest level and UNBLINDED will show you the way and is most likely the perfect ecosystem for you!

Step 1: Ecosystem Mergers

At the first step of Marketing Process Mastery, it is key to first identify which groups would be the most beneficial for you to ecosystem merge with.

For lawyers, depending on what type of areas you practice, maybe it’s doctors, accountants, real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, etc.

For accountants, maybe it’s real estate professionals, insurance agents, car dealers, entrepreneurs, transportation companies, doctors, lawyers and more.

Think about how you can co-create together. What does that look like? Be specific.

Kris Krohn

Step 2: Frictionless

Frictionlessness refers to how much rapport, trust and belief you have in each other that results in how much access you have to their resources.

Frictionlessness refers to the ability to add massive value to the ecosystem or its members regularly, consistently, and in the form you choose. The higher the friction, the less regular, consistent or “of your choosing” the providing of value to the ecosystem or its members is. Frictionless with the highest quality ecosystem is a critical outcome of your Marketing Process Mastery.

Think about frictionless ecosystem mergers. What does that look like to you? Be specific.

Step 3: Quantity and Quality of your Sales Meetings

How many of these ecosystem merger meetings are you having? How can you have exponentially more?

The singular outcome of Marketing Process Mastery is to increase the quantity and quality of our sales meetings (i.e. the ability to have people agree to purchase our services). This is the byproduct of our Ecosystem Mergers and Frictionlessness.

Rob Gill Sean Callagy
Dancing on Stage

Step 4: Your Actual Sales

Sales, this is the byproduct of our level of Influence Mastery and our actual sales meetings and is the ultimate barometer and measure of our level of Marketing, Process, and Influence Mastery.

It is extremely important to measure yoru ecosystem merger relationships with this metric so that you can assess if the merger is working or not. Course correction is possible if and only if you are aware of your numbers so assess them weekly and monthly to ensure everyone is benefiting from the relationship that has been established.

Here's What People Are Saying:

Jay Abraham
#1 Highest Paid Marketing Consultant in the U.S., $21.7 Billion Dollar Man, known as the “Godfather of Marketing”

You’ve made my evening. You’ve got me deep in reflection which I will do for a few hours and I am fully genuinely impressed and you have my full endorsement because I love what you’re doing and it has enormous importance to entrepreneurs that are basically trying to be preeminence.

Rob Gill
Founder & President of EPIC Insurance Services

Applying the Callagy Results Formula, I 22x’d my sales meetings after already being a highly trained and successful salesperson who thought he knew everything about sales. There is nothing like this out there.

Jack Canfield
#1 Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

I’m tired of getting to that part where I am on stage…all of a sudden I’m feeling like I’m shifting into another mode which I don’t like…I’ve taken a lot of sales classes. Most of which never felt quite right…I wanted it to be able to produce the kind of results that are possible that I hear about with this program and do it in a way that is comfortable and in alignment with my essence, my integrity, and my authentic being.

Our Mission

Make Sales Fun, Exciting, And Magical For 1 Billion People By 2030 So That Together We Go From “HELLO” To “YES” With Less Friction, Less Frustration, And In Less Time Which Will Lead To A World That Understands The Importance Of Integrity.

Our Mission

Make Sales Fun, Exciting, And Magical For 1 Billion People By 2030 So That Together We Go From “HELLO” To “YES” With Less Friction, Less Frustration, And In Less Time Which Will Lead To A World That Understands The Importance Of Integrity.

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