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What are you looking for in a speaker?

Why do you want a speaker?

The most general common denominators would include, in some order that is your preference:

Does that sound accurate for your needs?

A bold statement that will be backed up is coming:

Sean Callagy, unless you have a speaker for their general fame, is the surest bet as your best speaker to bring into your speaking engagement in the world right now.

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How can we possibly say that and why haven’t you heard of Sean?

First, how can we say that:

Sean has spoken more than 2,000 times in the past two years from audiences of at least 10 people and up to 15,000.

Rave, and I mean rave reviews.

These audiences have included Disney Executives, T-Mobile’s annual conference, charitably raising 2.6 million dollars at a non-fundraiser, Tony Robbins’ stage 16 different times, legal groups, entrepreneurial groups, charitable fundraisers, as featured on Extra, with Sean as the featured centerpiece, national television and hosting a daily online show on the Heart of Influence, also a three thousand person Super Bowl party at Sony Studios for THE Leigh Steinberg, the person Tom Cruise’s character, Jerry McGuire, is based on and most successful NFL agent in history.

What are Sean’s topics? Any and every.

Uhhh, so he’s a generalist?  NO!

The very formula Sean teaches on influence, and which he demonstrates every day on the Heart of Influence, allows for a model of speaking into the listening of any and every audience. His ability to prepare to deliver for an entire day or multiple days on, and certainly one hour on, to any level group in your organization on topics from:

What is Sean’s credibility on these topics?

Sean built and sold three companies, including building a forty-person law firm in two years out of law school, starting it on his credit card $1000,000 in debt, and then building a second law firm of 100 people in only two years.

Both firms were built with zero paid advertising or organic social online build.

He did all this while going blind.

Sean is one of only two attorneys in America out of 1.2 million to have two top 100 national jury verdicts between 2014 and 2016, and the only one who was blind.  Additionally, both cases had offers of zero going into trial which meant the other side perceived a zero chance of losing and in both cases, they not only lost, but had eight figure punitive damage awards to punish for bad behavior that Sean drew out and made evident.

Sean has cocreated and been on the microphone to deliver sales records broken from Tony Robbins’ stage both in person and virtually.

Sean raised $1.7 million from stage in Tony Robbins’ room as a surprise for Tony’s birthday, in support of ending sex trafficking.

He raised $2.6 million from Kris Krohn’s stage for Ukraine relief, after going to the Ukraine. 

Both of these situations were non fundraisers.  

For Sean’s work at giving and being a part of raising millions of dollars for the American Foundation for the Blind, Sean appeared on national television and was featured in a trailer for a new charity makeover show that revived three Telly Awards for the trailer featuring Sean.

Most importantly, at events with very well-known speakers, Sean is routinely, and virtually always, the highest rated speaker by far because of his skills to bring fun, humor, heart and tears, aspirational vision and some fire and truth while bringing the most diverse audiences together.

Sean’s greatest ability has been described to speak into the natural listening of the audience….to find the common unifying factors of the audience and bring them together, including even the most cynical and skeptical people within the audience.

Of course, Sean stands behind every speaking engagement with this: a one hundred percent double money back guarantee if Sean does not substantially exceed your already high expectations. This means that the fee will be refunded plus the same fee paid to you in return.

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If you want your audience moved, inspired, to feel that they have had a never before experience from the front of the room and aligned to take action as well as give your event, conference, management or leadership corporate event, summit, charitable fundraiser or any other group dynamic you can think of, Sean Callagy is your speaker. Period, hard stop, no comma.