There’s a great deal of pride to think about how this movement grew to what it is today. Believe it or not, it was just an idea. A thought with zero members, no morning huddles, and no programs. It was Sean Callagy’s voice and idea that I saw my future in. In the world of personal growth and development there are, unfortunately, a lot of things that cause pain. People invest in programs and don’t always get the results they expect, and no one wants to be part of that kind of industry.

We wanted to bring integrity back into personal development, and whatever we committed our lives to, whether it’s teaching or learning, it had to bring results. Our understanding of what people wanted was simple: more money, in less time, and with more magic.

Sean had the idea of “let’s have a morning huddle,” which we now have every single morning 8:30-9:00AM EST Mondays through Fridays, where we discuss the fun and excitement of exponentially growing your sales.

Even though we’re not always tactically talking about the Formula, it’s a beautiful place to come together with like-minded people—it’s a space to share, to learn about public speaking, and to get nuggets on our Formula even though our six-month UNBLINDED Mastery program is the place to be, the morning huddle was the catalyst to beginning this movement and culture.

1. Language

Let’s get specific on what the steps are in creating or sustaining a movement and its culture. The first and one of the most important pieces is language. That is what Integrity-Based Human Influence is for us—it is language, it is technology, and it is the foundation we use to interact with each other. Every single movement has a language, a speech, and a spoken idea. For example, without everyone understanding the same language, “make the client happy” might mean something different to both you and to us. Establishing language is the beginning to speaking to the world effectively.

That is the beginning of a culture. There’s English, there’s Spanish, and then there’s Integrity-Based Human Influence. How do I create my own movement or culture? We believe it’s exceptionally important to start with language. What we have done at UNBLINDED, at a minimum, is create a framework in which everyone could speak and understand the same things. The beauty of things like Tony Robbins, Landmark and NLP is that they create a language that we use to understand or more effectively communicate from.

2. Consistency

Number two is consistency. Now, Sean is an exceptional human being, although being on time and staying on schedule, aren’t his ultimate superpowers and are areas of growth. In that same breath, I can say Sean’s commitment and consistency to these morning huddles are always there. No matter location or time zone, he has been critical to making this happen. Without consistency, a culture and movement dies. If there’s no captain steering the ship, it sinks. Though Sean and I plan to replace ourselves, because we won’t be here forever, it’s not about us or a single person. It’s about the UNBLINDED culture and movement.

In order to create a movement and establish culture, you must be consistent. We’re not saying things won’t vary, shift, or change. But, for the most part, they need to be stable. Don’t change what’s not broken. It’s why people go to church every Sunday and listen to the same tales they’ve heard for thousands of years. It’s because people love consistency and hearing new perspectives.

3. Leadership

The final point that we’ll go through on how to create a movement and culture is leadership. Someone must ultimately own it and be responsible. Leaders don’t always need to be appointed but, you can be self-appointed. That’s what leadership is: it’s about rising to the occasion. Leadership is not about gaining power, it’s all about owning your word, putting the community, the ecosystem, and the culture above your own needs.

Without consistent leadership movements would not have begun. Every single movement you can think of, there’s always a figurehead consistent in the messaging. From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Mandela, to Gandhi, to the Dalai Lama. It’s present in every chamber president or in board leaders in charge of meetings.

With leadership, ego subjugation is important. It’s about learning to be the voice for the people, which has been my personal role here in UNBLINDED. Being one of the early students and an example of what success with this formula could be, I’m blessed to be the protege of Sean Callagy, to have risen to the occasion, and to commit to fulfilling the leadership role to these huddles.

If you’re the one creating it, guess what? It’s your culture, your movement, and your leadership must be present. You must find your “second dancer.” If you don’t know what that means, watch the Ted talk video, How to Start a Movement by Derek Sivers here. Those three points to maintain a movement and culture are language, consistency, and leadership.

My name’s Fernando Valencia, Cofounder and Chief Co-Creation Officer of Unblinded. I love you, I love integrity based human influence, and I love this movement. I’ll see you all at the next morning huddle.

With Integrity,

Fernando Valencia

Chief Co-Creation Officer + Co-Founder of UNBLINDED